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Mobile sand making machine

Feed particle size35-60mm.

Processing capacity150-380tph.

Applicable materialRiver pebbles, pebbles, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite and other materials need to be relocated..

Sell Hot:  South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya,Mexico, Uzbekistan, Chile, Tanzania, Peru, Brunei, Brazil, Iran, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Russia, Venezuela, USA, etc.

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Mobile sand making machine is a kind of movable vehicle-borne sand-making and shaping equipment. Compared with the traditional fixed sand-making machine, the mobile sand-making machine integrates five functional equipments, such as crushing equipment, feeding equipment, screening equipment, sand-making equipment and conveying equipment. The overall coordination is good, and it has strong mobility. It can be directly opened to the field for sand-making processing, not only for production, but also for production. Higher efficiency, better sand-making effect, and more practical, so as soon as it comes out, it is favored by the majority of users.

Mobile sand making machine performance advantages:
Folding design, sleek body, strong mobility, mobile sand making machine with folding design, ship steel frame structure, streamlined body, sand machine installed on independent, movable chassis, short wheelbase, turning radius Small, modular assembly, folding storage, easy to transport, special motor installed, support for no electricity, less electricity, flexible transfer to different production sites.



Working principle of mobile sand making machine:
In the operation of the mobile sand making machine, all the feeding, crushing and screening equipments work in coordination. The stone material first enters the crushing part for crushing processing, and after sanding, it is sieved. The material with the qualified particle size can enter the sand making machine for sand making. The final qualified stone product is discharged by the discharging device, and the unmet part is returned to the machine for further processing. Throughout the production process, the mobile sand making machine adopts all-wheel drive, which can realize in-situ steering, standard configuration, reasonable and high safety performance.

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